Application Instructions

Deadline: The Executive Director position is open until filled.

Please submit cover letter, resume, three references, and 1-2 page supplemental information to:
Subject: Executive Director Position (FULL NAME)
No calls please.

Supplemental Information:
In 1-2 pages describe a time that you led or contributed to a change initiative across complex systems (schools, health, business, organizations, government agencies, transportation, neighborhood groups, etc.) within a local community. Include a description of the community and environment, your analysis of the situation and systems involved, and the strategies you used to shift power to people and communities; particularly people of color, young people, or historically marginalized communities. Explain any the challenges that arose and how you celebrated your wins or successes.

FEEST is an Equal Opportunity Employer. People of color, queer, gay, lesbian and/or bisexual people, transgender, genderqueer and/or non-binary folks are encouraged to apply. Work is performed in an of ice environment. Some heavy lifting and physical labor is required during special events. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job.


Our Mission

FEEST’s mission is to set the table for young people to transform the health and equity of their communities by gathering around food and working toward systemic change.

FEEST (Food Empowerment Education & Sustainability Team) is an organization led by youth of color in South Seattle and South King County working to improve health in their schools. Focusing on the need for more healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant food at school, FEEST centers young people as leaders toward concrete changes in our food systems. We celebrate food and culture at community dinners and build power to win policy changes that increase food access for all students.


What we are looking for:

FEEST is searching for a fierce, visionary, and skilled Executive Director (ED) with on-the-ground grassroots organizing, policy and systems change experience, a strong equity lens, experience managing a diverse and vibrant staff and extensive knowledge of the strengths and abilities of young people of color from historically marginalized communities. Our new Executive Director will be a dynamic, creative, heart-centered, culturally-engaged, and empathic leader with the capacity to envision and strategically plan for the future direction of the organization.

The ideal candidate will have the capacity to authentically partner with staff, community partners and young people to execute their vision for healthy schools while integrating FEEST’s ongoing work to improve our collective health, shift power, and invest in solutions from those most impacted by systemic oppression. The ED fosters a culture of collaborative accountability and transparency across the organization and has a strong ability to cultivate radical joy, build an inclusive and vibrant community, and inspire action.



  • Unapologetically rooted in social justice, equity and a lived commitment to apply racial, gender and economic justice lenses in both personal and workplace context.
  • Lived experience or demonstrated professional skills working with racially and economically diverse individuals and communities, including working class, immigrant/refugees, communities of color, and LGBTQ+ populations.
  • Minimum two years supervisory experience; demonstrated skills in creative supervision tools, team management and leadership skill development.
  • Minimum two years experience leading policy strategies and systems-change work; proven ability to navigate educational and/or other complex institutional systems.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience (paid or volunteer) leading or participating in a community, political, or union organizing campaign. This can include: base building, one on one recruitment, coalition building, campaign development, intentional leadership development and creating creative tactics alongside member leaders.



Team Management

  • Cultivate and sustain an organizing strategy, aligned with the strategic plan and collective vision of youth leaders; strategy will include, but not limited to shifting power through organizing and cultural work in (4) South King County Public Schools as well as influencing and impacting public policy through collective action.
  • Supervise the Organizing Director to support the leadership and decision-making among community members; develop and lead grassroots, school-based community organizing campaigns; and build overall culture shifting and movement-building strategy(s).
  • Work closely with (7) FTE staff members to align the strategic plan with internal growth; directly supervise (2) FTE Director positions.

Fundraising and External Relations

  • Collaborate with Development Director to establish and maintain a relevant and strategic fundraising plan; develop a culture of fundraising and further integrate fundraising with community organizing; responsible for budget oversight and oversee all grant writing.
  • Seek out and nurture relationships with potential and current major financial supporters to ensure success of the fundraising plan; this includes one on one major donor requests, email correspondence, community relationship building and leading on institutional funders.
  • Guide the maintenance and development of effective communications, public relations, and fund development strategies with staff and other stakeholders.
  • Serve as the chief spokesperson and storyteller for the organization for media, events, and other public forums.
  • Maintain and develop high-level local and regional partnerships and collaborations with organizations, school districts, public agencies, coalitions, advocacy partners and other key stakeholders.
  • Work to shift public policy through regional advocacy; collaborate with local organizations, represent and participate in local coalitions, build cross-sector partnerships to further the vision and movement of FEEST youth-leaders.


  • Serve as primary liaison to the Board of Directors.
  • Facilitate governance process in creating and developing effective policy.
  • Develop long-term strategic planning with the board, youth, staff and other stakeholders.
  • Evaluate and communicate the impact of FEEST’s work in relation to specified goals and
  • Work closely with key staff and board members in the development of the annual budget.
  • Support ongoing board professional development, which includes supporting and encouraging board members to strengthen skills in fundraising, financial management, and practices around racial and social justice.


  • Serve as the chief executive and chief financial officer, overseeing all day-to-day administration of the organization with Development & Organizing Director.
  • Hire, orient, supervise, and train lead staff, especially program and director level staff; evaluate staff at least annually in the performance of their duties.
  • Maintain human resource (HR) practices that promote a productive workplace.
  • Provide financial oversight and ensure the implementation and development of strong internal controls; develop budgets and monitor all expenses, reimbursements and human resource requests.
  • Support the development, implementation, and maintenance of efficient operational systems and processes, including; HR policies, performance reviews, database upkeep, etc.



  • Experience integrating creative process, culture, food justice, and community-driven policy and systems change
  • Local roots and/or extensive knowledge of the challenges and strengths of communities of color, immigrant communities and historically marginalized groups
  • Experience in leadership (formal or informal) with a courageous and creative spirit
  • Demonstrated commitment to supporting the leadership of young people of color, youth from immigrant families, and youth from low income backgrounds
  • Proven ability to use foresight, capacity and experience to balance complex community and organizational needs
  • Demonstrated ability to diagnose critical need and opportunity; and implement clear, action-oriented, innovative strategies that generate broad support
  • Demonstrated ability to both challenge the status quo and honor the wisdom and history of board, staff, youth and community stakeholders
  • Experience cultivating a work culture that honors and uplifts the intersections of all identities
  • Knowledge and experience developing youth power through campaign strategies in systems-change work (school-based, community, etc.)
  • Ability to hold an overall vision and guide youth programming including development of organizing strategy and curriculum, direction of programs and evaluation, and management of logistics, promotions and outreach.
  • Strong ability to advocate and develop high level local, and regional partnerships.
  • Proven ease with public speaking and ability as a chief spokesperson and storyteller for a movement and/or organization.
  • Established comfort with various fundraising and communications channels.


Additional Information

The Executive Director position is open until filled.

  • Salary range: $75,000 – $88,000 annually with room to grow, Full time
  • We provide full medical, vision and dental benefits, generous paid time off and access to professional development each year.
  • This job is located in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Access to a vehicle is highly recommended. White Center is not very accessible by transit and the area we work in is large. The ED will be traveling to meetings across town frequently.