Hey y’all
Today’s dinner was superb. Honestly it was a subtle combination of greatness. Normally one expects a potluck dinner to be like this, but weekly dinners now too?! i can hardly wrap my mind around the wonderful. We ate mashed potatoes, corn, pickled onions, salad, fruit salad, and TOMATOES! Tomatoes were actually our FEEST food of the week! We have now begun to highlight one food every week that is local (Youngstown garden!) and in season. We will take suggestions the week before every dinner, and once chosen will be our centerpiece food.
Honestly the dishes sound plain, but when cooked with rosemary from our garden and with the love of our amazing chefs, the deliciousness can only be imagined by past FEEST participants! And there was enough food to go around for seconds and more. I must also add that our beverage this week was simple and crisp, it even contained almond extract; when do you find a drink like that?
We are working hard to being our FEEST cookbook so don’t fret! These recipes could one day soon be on your kitchen shelf! Definitely consider joining us, every week we’re here ready and anxious to spread community, awareness, and food! =]