Check out this interview by Chief Sealth Media Intern, Mahala!
 IMG_1671“1 in 5 students suffer from child hunger” how do you feel about that?
That doesn’t make me feel good! Food is a very important asset of our lives especially having nutritious food. It’s really sad that people especially children should have the right to healthy food, no matter how much money they have it’s a basic necessity and it’s not fair!
 What could you do to help prevent child hunger? 
I could go to soup kitchens and cook food for people and children. I could donate to food banks and mentor a kid in my community by making sure that they have what they need.
 As a student what challenges do you face with food access at school?
The main thing is not having the best food at school which makes me not want to eat. I would like to eat a salad from school but they run out really quickly, also vending machines at my school have pretty healthy options unlike most schools we have juice and water and not soda. When I am really hungry I walk 8 minutes to Westwood village and spend $4 on a little thing of fruit that I do not think is a reasonable price for food and the most inexpensive foods are the unhealthiest.
What are you cooking at FEEST today? 
My group and I are making a salad with fruits, cheese, chard, spinach, carrots, and zucchini.
What is your favorite moment/memory from today’s dinner?
Just coming because I’ve never been before because it’s a good vibe and healthy food we can be excited about because we have the opportunity to make it ourselves.